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How epl Was Born

epl was founded in 2002 in San José, Costa Rica, and was the first test-prep and university admissions company to be established in Central America. epl is dedicated to providing support to students throughout the test prep, counseling, and university application processes and has helped numerous students from Costa Rica and the Americas surpass their educational and professional goals.

epl’s founder, Ellen Schwartzman Rose, holds an undergraduate degree from Barnard College and masters’ degrees in communications and political communication, both from Columbia University. While working on her first graduate degree, Ellen supported Columbia University’s Office of Admissions at the School of International and Public Affairs in all aspects of the admissions process.

In 2001, Ellen was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to conduct research for her thesis on freedom of the press in Central America. She thus came to Costa Rica, where she capitalized on her experience in admissions and began offering pro bono counseling services, advising local students on their university searches and the application processes. When she completed her research in 2002, Ellen launched epl.

As the company grew, Ellen sought partners who could help her manage and direct epl. Daniel Pozuelo, who has a degree in mechanical engineering, began teaching at epl in 2006 and became a partner in 2010. JJ Bernal, also a mechanical engineer, joined epl in 2010 and became a partner in 2013. Daniel and JJ’s expertise and vision have helped epl solidify its status as the leading admissions and test prep company in the Americas. epl’s three active partners continue to expand the company’s client base, capabilities, and reach.